“A terrific piece that stylishly evokes the wonders and horrorsof modern architecture with an ingenious movable set (by the supremely talented Christina Hardinge).” - The Stage on machines for living 2012. “Christina Hardinge’s design is JG Ballard via the Mighty Boosh, all couched in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.” - matt trueman on Machines for living 2012. “There's a moment when the gloom intensifies and the vaulted ceiling is lit up, light pouring in through squares cut in the blacked-out window.Suddenly it feels as if we are not in a theatre but a church, not in a Victorian debating chamber but gathered around a hearth, hearing the age-oldstories that help us make sense of our lives. We're given the sense thatwhat we are watching is something sacred.” - Lyn Gardner from The Guardian on the design of Brand New Ancients, 2012. “The design is simple and effective – two versatile, three-dimensionstructures are utilized to create various interiors and exteriors and theplay moves effectively through times and spaces. Minimal props areused to perfection – suitcases easily become window and elevatordoors, two black wire chairs are used for every piece of furniture.Adding to the minimal,sharp design so appropriate for a play about architectureis the all black-and white color scheme. Costumes, props, set, and lightingare all limited to black and white, cleverly constructing the feeling of watchinga black and white film.” everythingtheatre.co.uk on Machines For Living , 2012. “(Christina Hardinge’s set) consists of two racks of shapes and a mostly monochrome design, which remind heavilyof German Expressionism. It's all very inventive and clever.” onestoparts.co.uk on Machines for living, 2012. “Christina Hardinge‘s dynamic and versatile set design is animpressive and integral feature to the piece.” the list on machines for living, 2012 Go to the stage's review of Machines for living- http://www.thestage.co.uk/reviews/review.php/36320/machines-for-living Lyn Gardner review of Brand New Ancients - http://www.guardian.co.uk/stage/2012/sep/10/brand-new-ancients-review review of machines for living - http://everything-theatre.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/machines-for-living-battersea-arts.html
Crank theatre, production shot for Machines for living
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